World map for "Curse of the Gold"

-E0 = abandoned mine
-B2 = spider cave
-B1 = here was the adventurer's camp
-B0 = mass graves
A3 = goblin hunter's camp
A0 = goblin warcamp
D1 = abandoned orc village
D0 = abandoned orc watchtower
G3 = ??? (not visited yet)
B-5 = Carl's farm
R-3 = abandoned lizard treetop village
D-6 = dead Horse and zombie knight
I-6 = place where the waterfall group met the fey, Brorumm and the lizards
M-7 = ancient troll city ruin in a giant rift in a mountain face
S-7 = battle against the dark fairy
T-3 = ??? (house, not visited yet)
U-5 = ??? (not visited yet)
Y-13 = Shrine of Pelor